Glendale Raptors

Glendale Raptors were founded in 2007 and are based in Glendale, Colorado. The Raptors competed in the inaugural 2018 season where they were runners up in the finals and finished in 1st place in the regular season.

Team Information

Current Squad

James Del BozqueHooker
Zach FenoglioHooker
Chad GoughHooker
Marco Fepulea’iProp
Kelepi FifitaProp
Noah BarkerProp
Nick KwasniewskiProp
Alec LeddyProp
Max LumProp
Blake RogersProp
Moses SaoleProp
Luke WhiteProp
Maxwell DaceyLock
Brendan DalyLock
Kody O’NeilLock
Casey RockLock
Connor CookFlanker
Hanco GermishuysFlanker
Jonathan LayneFlanker
Dwayne PienaarFlanker
Jason DammNumber 8
Malon Al-JibooriNumber 8
Devin VaughterNumber 8
Mickey BatemanScrum half
Shaun DaviesScrum half
Carlo de NysschenScrum half
Colin GregoryOut half
Mikaele KruseOut half
Will MagieOut half
Robbie PetzerOut half
Campbell JohnstoneCentre
Chad LondonCentre
Siale MakaCentre
Ata MalifaCentre
Celester AsuegaWing
Harley DavidsonWing
Mateo GadsdenWing
Nick JohnsonWing
John RybergWing
Maximo De AchavalFullback
Dylan Takaito-SimpsonFullback
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