Rugby United New York (RUNY)

Rugby United New York (RUNY) was founded in 2018. The franchise was founded by James Kennedy and is co-owned by former professional wrestler John Layfield.
RUNY played on a non competitive basis in 20118 with the 2019 season being RUNY’s first competitive season in the MLR.

Austin Elite Rugby

Austin Elite Rugby was founded in 2017. Austin Elite are managed by Alain Hyardet and finished in 5th place in the 2018 season.

Glendale Raptors

Glendale Raptors were founded in 2007 and are based in Glendale, Colorado. The Raptors competed in the inaugural 2018 season where they were runners up in the finals and finished in 1st place in the regular season.

Houston SaberCats

Houston SaberCats were founded in 2017. The SaberCats are managed by former Irish international Justin Fitzpatrick.


NOLA Gold (New Orleans Gold) were founded in 2017. The Gold finished in 6th place in the 2018 season.

San Diego Legion

The San Diego Legion were founded in 2017. The Legion finished in 3rd place in the 2018 season and head coach of the Legion is Rob Hoadley.

Seattle Seawolves

The Seattle Seawolves were founded in 2017 and are the reigning champions of the MLR. The Seawolves head coach is Anton Moolman.

Toronto Arrows

The Toronto Arrows were founded in 2018 and will compete in the MLR for the first time in the 2019 season.

Utah Warriors

The Utah Warriors were founded in 2017. The Warriors finished in 4th place in the 2018 season.

New England Free Jacks

New England Free Jacks were founded in 2018 and are based in the Boston area. The Free Jacks captain is Irish born US Eagles international Tadhg Leader.

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