Criticism of Proposed World League

Representatives of the top tier rugby unions will meet in Dublin this month to discuss the strategy for the international game. During this discussion the topic of the proposed ‘World League’ will surely be on the agenda.

World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont has stated that no decision on the league has been made but World Rugby have long advocated for an expansion to the international season. World Rugby has in the past advocated for an expansion to the Guinness Six Nations which would see a promotion and relegation scenario however the Six Nations itself is opposed to the idea.

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News circulated last week about the proposed ‘World League’ and it drew fierce criticism from players and coaches alike dismissing World Rugby as being out of touch with player welfare. With an already hectic international schedule along with domestic and international cups and leagues such as the European Champions Cup, players seasons have never been more hectic or bruising.

The meeting looks like a damage limitation exercise and an opportunity to provide some much needed clarity due to the intensity of the reaction from international unions and players alike.

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