Scott Lawrence: “We want to be the top communication team in the league”

We talked to Robert Taylor (president & CEO) and Scott Lawrence (Head coach) of rugby ATL about the upcoming MLR season, the importance of communication and being a positive influence in the Atlanta area.

Check out the entire interview below.

Robert Taylor and Scott Lawrence Rugby ATL

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3 responses to “Scott Lawrence: “We want to be the top communication team in the league””

  1. I really wish they would be the communication leader in the MLR. Unfortunately they’re well behind the other teams joining the league this season. Their website has no information on a playing venue or tickets. It has minimal information about a roster and a limited inventory of generic merchandise (nothing resembling a jersey yet). I haven’t even seen a link to this podcast on the site or any of their social media. Still some work to do.

  2. […] look at us, we want them to see an organization that is doing the right things right,” Taylor told US Rugby News. “Over the next five years, we realize we have a lot of work to do, but it’s all […]

  3. […] conference set-up, split between East and West conferences. The East conference will comprise of Rugby ATL, New England Free Jacks, NOLA Gold, Old Glory DC, Rugby United New York, Toronto Arrows. The […]

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